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The generous financial support of the Bilodeau Family and Le Groupe Perron has made CAPHC's Rehabilitation & Childhood Disability Program possible. Ultimately this program will ensure high quality rehabilitation services for children with disabilities.

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CanChild Centre for Childhood Disability Research is a research and educational centre focused on improving the lives of children and youth with disabilities and their families. 

Child Development and Rehabilitation Website

Childhood Disability 

This website, whose name stands for Linking Information and New Knowledge on childhood disability, features bottom line findings from current childhood disability research and is aimed at both clinicians and families. Also featured is a newsletter released 4 times per year, which presents information on a new ‘hot topic’ in childhood disability with each new issue. 

CP Engine

International Pediatric Rehab Collaborative (IPRC)

The International Pediatric Rehabilitation Collaborative promotes quality pediatric rehabilitation care through the support and guidance of pediatric providers and provider organizations that are committed to best practices in pediatric rehabilitation.

Le Groupe Perron 

Le Groupe Perron is one of CN-CYR's generous supporters.

Manitoba Children and Youth Rehabilitation Research Collaborative (MCYRRC)

The M-CYRRC is an informal collaborative of organizations and individuals whose mandate is to promote the development, implementation and uptake of child and youth disability research. The M-CYRRC welcomes partnerships from interdisciplinary providers, researchers and policymakers who are interested in improving the quality of life of children and youth living with a disability in Manitoba.

Maternal, Infant, Child, and Youth Research Network 

Our mission is to develop an alliance of clinical research centres with professional staff using high quality, harmonized standards to support multicentre studies and research networks. The overarching goal of MICYRN is to empower the health research community to develop and implement solutions to issues affecting maternal infant child & youth health and health services.


NeuroDevNet, a Canadian Network of Centres of Excellence (NCE), is dedicated to helping children overcome neurodevelopmental disorders. Network investigators seek to understand the causes of neurological deficits, and to transfer this knowledge to health care professionals, policy makers, and communities of interest. NeuroDevNet works with its partners in academia, the community, not-for-profit sector, industry, and government, and across traditional disciplinary boundaries and sectors, to ensure generated knowledge is translated into tangible diagnostic, preventative, therapeutic, social, economic, and health benefits for all.

Northern Institute of Organizational Capacity (NIOC)

Our Mission: To support northern and rural NFP agencies to deliver programs, adapt, and be innovative, through knowledge exchange and capacity building that targets skill, resource, and partnership development. 

Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitation Services (OACRS) 

The Ontario Association of Children's Rehabilitation Services represents the interests of children's rehabilitation service providers in Ontario.

Quebec Rehabilitation Research Network 

REPAR's mission is to contribute toward reducing or compensating for impairments, disabilities and handicap situations experienced by people with disabilities resulting from musculoskeletal, neurological and sensory impairments, through basic, clinical, evaluative and epidemiological research.

Sunny Hill e-Learning resources

The Cochrane Library 

The Cochrane Library, is now available throughout Canada to everyone with Internet access. Practitioners, researchers and patients alike will be able to make informed decisions what treatments work best.

UBC Paediatric Grand Rounds

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