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Pandemic Planning Going Forward: January 2008

Emergency preparedness and pandemic planning have been and remain priority areas of interest for health professionals, the public and the news media alike. Over the last two years, CAPHC has facilitated the sharing of knowledge and information on pandemic preparedness and planning through various initiatives, including a national teleconference on current practices, a focused session on pandemic preparedness at its 2006 Annual Meeting and through on-going dialogue with members of a national pandemic planning working group.

As the interest in collaborative national initiatives related to pandemic preparedness and planning remains strong amongst our member and related organizations, CAPHC has recently begun to actively explore further partnership opportunities, with its member organizations within the following goals and objectives:

  • Sharing best practices;
  • Addressing implementation issues;
  • Framework development; Public education through health services providers;
  • Continuing education of health services professionals; and
  • Exploring how best to leverage our respective organizations’ strengths through collaborative work based on common goals.

Given CAPHC’s experience with the facilitation of such work, and its extensive network across the country, including content experts and potential end-users from across Canada, we hope to be well positioned to facilitate national initiatives in collaboration with our member and partner organizations.

While organizations across the country continue to work and improve upon pandemic planning processes, much of this can be better leveraged through further collaboration and information sharing through a national body, with a view to develop a set of planning principles, building on what has already been accomplished to date.

CAPHC’s and the Working Group’s progress in this area will be regularly posted on the CAPHC website. As always, comments and suggestions are welcome by sending an e-mail to the attention of Doug Maynard, at

Pandemic Planning in Our Paediatric Communities - Sharing and Learning From Each Other

CAPHC National Teleconference - Tuesday, June 27, 2006


»Teleconference Proceedings

»Provincial Paediatric Pandemic Influenza Planning (P4) C.Bruce-Barrett Director, Strategic Projects, Hospital for Sick Children

»Pandemic Influenza Planning: SickKids’ Approach Anne Matlow MD FRCPC, Chair, Pandemic Influenza Planning Steering Committee

» Exploring the Unique Needs of our Vulnerable Population: Psychosocial Considerations Sandra Rafman, Ph.D., McGill University Health Centre- Montreal Children’s Hospital 

»CHEO’s Influenza Pandemic Planning (CHIPP) Process: Lessons Learned Lindy Samson 

Emergency preparedness and pandemic planning is in the news media everyday. As we are all aware, there is a great deal of activity - emergency preparedness planning, ongoing in many parts of the country. 
We believe it may be helpful for us to hear from our child and youth health colleagues about what is happening at our “Children’s Hospitals” (and related organizations) and to look at opportunities to share information and planning.

On Tuesday, June 27, 2006, from 12 - 2Pm (EDT), CAPHC hosted a National Interactive Teleconference entitled: “Pandemic Planning in Our Paediatric Communities- Sharing and Learning From Each Other”.

The purpose of this call was to hear about these strategies from our paediatric leaders and to informally share with each other, our thoughts about the anticipated impact on children, youth and families in the event of a pandemic outbreak.

The call was organized in two parts - The first was a series of “rapid fire presentations” that highlighted and shared examples of strategic planning. The second half of the call was an opportunity for all participants to share some of their current thoughts and activities, react to the presentations and participate in a coordinated, “Open Mike” discussion.

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