Paediatric Medication Reconciliation Collaborative

Medication reconciliation involves clearly and accurately documenting patient medication usage and reconciling discrepancies with medication orders. Ultimately the goal is to develop a process that provides an accurate record of a patient’s home medication history that can be used as the basis for medication orders as patients are admitted, transferred between units and discharged.

Since 2005 the Safer Healthcare Now! (SHN) campaign has offered Canadian healthcare organizations the opportunity to participate in and support a campaign dedicated to improving patient safety, through the implementation of targeted interventions in patient care. Among the many SHN! Campaign interventions, the CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative identified Medication Reconciliation as their national paediatric priority.  The CAPHC Paediatric Medication Reconciliation Collaborative working closely with SHN!  provided support to paediatric healthcare centres and related organizations across Canada to facilitate implementation of medication reconciliation.

Accreditation Canada has made medication reconciliation at admission, transfer and discharge a Required Organizational Practice (ROP).  

Medication Reconciliation (MedRec) in the paediatric healthcare setting presents special challenges.

Most paediatric patients are too young to provide accurate reports of the medications they are using; for youth there are issues related to privacy and consent and for new Canadians, language barriers make it difficult for parents to communicate an accurate history. These unique circumstances call upon the special knowledge and experience of the paediatric health care community to collectively lead the way. The CAPHC-SHN Paediatric MedRec Collaborative (CAPHC-PMRC) was initiated in August 2005.

From 2005 to 2008 the collaborative model provided a very valuable forum for paediatric implementation teams across the country. Through this forum, the participating teams identified and shared their challenges in implementing MedRec. As the process evolved the teams shared their strategies and tools that had been successful in moving the process forward.  CAPHC supported the work on a Paediatric MedRec Guidelines and Best Practices manuscript.  This document is the final report (including the audit data up to Dec 2008) as well as a resource to provide support to sites that are just beginning to implement MedRec or sites that are experiencing significant challenges around implementing MedRec and/or meeting Accreditation Canada ROPs.

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