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By becoming a member of CAPHC, individuals and organizations have the opportunity to influence national decisions, discuss and share common challenges and network with numerous health professionals dedicated to improving the health and well-being of Canadian children, youth and families.

Memberships are renewed on an annual basis. For Health Science Centres, membership fees are based on annual patient care units representing in-patient, emergency and ambulatory care services; a flat fee schedule is applied to Regional, Community, Rehabilitation and Home Care Service Facilities. Health Care professionals who are not affiliated with a CAPHC member university centre, community or regional health care facility may become members based on a minimal yearly fee. Associate/Reciprocal members are not required to pay membership fees but are expected to make contributions in kind to support CAPHC’s ongoing activities.


For more information please contact our National office at :  or   Phone: (613) 738-4164


Membership Benefits

National Influence

National contribution on health issues affecting children, youth and families through involvement in CAPHC activities:

  • participation in working groups such as: membership, fundraising, programming, annual meeting/events and communications
  • consultation on national initiatives, standards/guidelines and strategies; 
    participation in CAPHC’s annual meetings and events.


Staying connected with colleagues across Canada to discuss and share common challenges relating to relevant and emerging child and youth health issues.

Membership Types

Full Membership


CAPHC members are entitled to full voting privileges and may include representatives from one or more of the following:

  • Health Sciences Centres
  • Regional Health Centres/Hospitals (District Health Centres/Hospitals)
  • Community Health Centres/Hospitals
  • Children's Treatment Centres/Rehabilitation Centres
  • Community Care Access Centres and
  • Providers of Home Care Services To Children And Youth


Associate/Reciprocal Membership

Associate/Reciprocal members are non-profit organizations that share a common interest in furthering the objectives of CAPHC and whose objectives are consistent with those of the Association. Associate/Reciprocal members are entitled to all services and privileges afforded by CAPHC and may serve on committees of the Association. Associate members are not entitled to vote. Associate members may, but need not be representative of one or more of the following:

  • National Professional Organizations
  • National Voluntary Organizations
  • Regional and National Networks
  • National Centres of Excellence and
  • Government Agencies

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