Launch Announcement: CFAN Best Practices in Patient and Family Centred Care Working Group

One of our favourite parts of our annual CFAN meeting is having the chance to meet with other patient and family centred care champions and share information about what we're doing.  Although this type of sharing is very much going to remain part of our annual meeting, we've realized there's no reason to wait until then to connect!  So we have launched a new Working Group which will be dedicated to creating opportunities for family advisors to connect and support each other. 

If you are passionate about Patient and Family Centred Care, please consider this your invitation to join CFAN’s Best Practices in Patient and Family Centred Care Working Group. Co-chaired by Tashmina Hall, Chair of the Family Advisory Council at McMaster Children’s Hospital, and Fiona Randerson, Family Advisor at BC Children’s Hospital, this group will meet via teleconference on a quarterly basis.  It will be a friendly forum for family advisors to learn from each other’s experiences and share about their patient and family centred care initiatives. The hope is that we will collectively become an important resource that will spark ideas and generate solutions while fostering a sense of community.  It is not intended for the implementation of guidelines for any specific project or initiative.

In order to move forward, we ask that you please indicate your interest in joining by contacting Fiona Randerson at  

Our first teleconference call will take place on June 7th at 1pm (Eastern) and we very much hope that you will be able to participate.  This call will be a wonderful opportunity to connect with other champions of patient and family centred care from across the country.