There's an app for that: Vaccination & managing needle pain

We’ve noticed some really interesting public health projects related to vaccination and needles lately, so thought we’d bring them together into a single post.  First, some of you may have seen the new ImmunizeCA app which helps you track immunizations, manage your appointments, and keep on top of outbreaks with alerts. It can be downloaded from iTunes, GooglePlay or BlackBerry World, and it’s (best of all) free! Learn more at

If what you’re after is help with the actual receiving of the needle, then the Centre for Pediatric Pain Research, at IWK in Halifax, has a video that will interest you.  “It doesn’t have to hurt” is a light-hearted yet very practical look at strategies that help kids with needles.  After the video, there’s a survey you can fill out to send them feedback.

And if you want more information on helping your kids with needles, Toronto Public Health has a fact sheet, video and some other useful resources on their website.

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