Please and thank you from the CFAN Steering Committee

We would like to start by offering our thanks. We had an absolutely wonderful time in Calgary, due in large part to our incredibly welcoming hosts from Alberta Children's.  Sherri and Laurel, thank you for making everyone feel so welcome and also for ensuring our day went smoothly. 

We also need to thank all of our speakers who taught us so much over the course of the day. We heard from patients, parents, clinicians and clowns.  We were reminded, as we are every time we gather, that there are so many people across this country doing amazing work, and the support we give each other is invaluable.

And that brings us to the second part of this post ... the "please" part. We want to know who you are and what you do! So if you are a part of a Family Advisory Committee or a similar type of group, affiliated with an institution like a hospital, rehab centre, patient organization or other facility, please visit the CFAN members area of Knowledge Exchange Network and fill in the contact information form. It will help us not just get to know you and your organization, but link you with exciting work going on across the country.

And finally, for those of you who are doing clinical work and are interested in collaborating with patients and families ... thank you! We so appreciate your interest and support. 

CFAN receives many requests each year to support various proposal and projects, and to participate in some of these projects as well. We can help recruit subjects, review proposals, give feedback, and more. In order to ensure that everything we do falls within our mandate, we are asking anyone interested in CFAN support to answer a few questions when you approach us for assistance. These questions are:

1. Why are you asking for CFAN's support and/or participation?

2. What are you asking CFAN to do and by what date? (Please note that requests requiring a response in less than two weeks usually cannot be met.)

3  Would you like CFAN to participate in this project beyond offering a letter of support? If so, please describe what you expect or what you would like that participation to entail.

4. How will you keep CFAN informed of the progress of your proposal or project?

We think having answers to these questions will help us accomplish some important goals, such as finding the best representatives for a project, facilitating diverse types of familial/caregiver participation, and keeping better track of all the wonderful family-centred work you all are doing.

Thanks, everyone! We are so grateful to be part of such an amazing and generous community.