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CAPHC - CPDSN Symposium

The CAPHC - CPDSN Symposium is held in conjunction with the CAPHC Annual Conference

This year's Symposium will be held on Sunday October 23, 2016

8.00am - 10.00am: CAPHC - Canadian Paediatric Decision Support Network (CPDSN) - National Benchmarking Symposiu

Achieving System Improvement and Performance!

Access to evidence-based information can identify issues, clearly articulate context, and help to define goals and solutions. At our 2015 symposium we demonstrated many new electronic Emergency, Asthma, and Surgical Wait Time tools specific to paediatrics and the populations served by our child and youth healthcare community. 

Just one year later, at our 2016 national symposium, we will showcase the impact and benefit that these new innovative programs and unique collaborations have had on changing practice and enhancing efficiencies to patient care.

Together we will learn about fundamental changes in how hospitals approach strategy development, clinical operations management, quality improvement, and budgeting. There will also be strong references to patient and family satisfaction and family-centred care.

Our 2016 National Symposium will welcome speakers from across the country representing the continuum of care with the goal to leave all delegates with practical and inspirational initiatives to address quality improvement and patient outcomes in multiple areas of child and youth healthcare. 

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