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The Knowledge Exchange Network (KEN) is the first national online knowledge exchange resource that will ultimately provide one stop access to tools, templates, research, education and program information for health providers and families in issues related to improved continuity of care across different sites of care.

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Bridging the Gap between Health Centres and the Community - Improving Services for Families of Children with Complex Care Needs

At the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres (CAPHC) 2005 Annual Meeting, family members and health professionals from various disciplines explored continuity of care and the integration of services for children and youth with complex health care needs. Participants agreed that in our current fragmented system transition points are especially difficult; it is often at these times in a child’s care that coordination breaks down and critical gaps in service appear. Working together, and in response to identified challenges and opportunities, delegates identified key components of an effective and supportive continuum of care, and began the discussion on interventions and changes that would positively affect the care of children and youth, and lend support to families.

CAPHC, in partnership with the Child and Youth Home Care Network, the Canadian Family Advisory Network and the Canadian Network of Child and Youth Rehabilitation was subsequently encouraged to develop a national strategy to improve transitions and continuity of care.

The initial phase of this initiative entitled “Bridging the Gap between Health Centres and the Community”, supported by a grant provided to CAPHC from Bell Canada, concluded in December 2006 with the dissemination of a national resource: » Finding Our Way Back Home

Where are we now?

The next phase of the national strategy will build on the achievements and work to date and on our system’s and many families’ expertise, with a view to reaching consensus on leading practices that address processes and points of care transitions between sites, sectors and community health agencies. 

The on-going identification, evaluation and sharing of regional transition practices between centres and and community settings will be facilitated through a web-based portal on the CAPHC website, “The Knowledge Exchange Network”, which will be accessible by practitioners and families alike.

Phase two, generously supported by a second grant from Bell Canada, was launched at the CAPHC Annual Meeting in Montreal in October 2007.

» Summary: CAPHC Project Grant Request to Bell Canada - The Knowledge Exchange Network in Continuity of Care for Children and Youth with Complex Care Needs

Going forward - CAPHC will work in collaboration with CCHSA and the hospital and continuing care sectors toward developing new standards (i.e. leading practices) across paediatric health care settings, ultimately resulting in significant improvements in health care for children and youth with complex care needs.

What does this really mean?

Ultimately, “Bridging the Gap between Health Centres and the Community” is intended to lead system-wide improvements and responsive service delivery for families whose children and youth have complex care needs. 

Here are some of the more specific features and expected outcomes of the initiative:

  • Practitioners and families collaborating on system improvements
  • Health centres and continuing care sectors planning system improvements
  • Discussion and debate of transition practices
  • Research and evaluation of transition practices
  • Creation of an on-line knowledge resource for continuity of care across the continuum comprising: tools, templates, inventories, links, practice alerts, and national program updates
  • Engagement of leading experts and families in regional knowledge exchange sessions A national web based symposium to present transforming national practices in continuity of care
  • Dissemination and uptake of regional transition practices
  • Collaboration with the Canadian Council on Health Services Accreditation (CCHSA) to establish standards in continuity of care across the continuum

How can I get involved?

  • Join our national Continuity and Coordination of Care Working Group
  • Become one of our Regional Development Champions
  • Participate in our upcoming national web based symposium to present transforming national practices in continuity of care
  • Get engaged with other families and leading experts in one of our regional knowledge exchange sessions*
  • Stay apprised of our developments through other networks, such as CFAN, CN-CYR & CYHCN
  • Learn more through the CAPHC website

We are looking for regional development champions…. » Find out more!

How can I get more information?

For more information and updates please refer to the CAPHC website at or contact the CAPHC national office at (613) 738-4164 or by e-mail.

2008 National Symposium on Continuity and Coordination of Care

The 2008 National Symposium on Continuity and Coordination of Care, October 22, was held as part of the 2008 CAPHC Annual Meeting, in Edmonton, Alberta. This 2008 Symposium was an opportunity to share the outcomes of our Bridging the Gap Phase 2, and to engage key stakeholders, and the larger CAPHC community in an initial discussion on the development of standards in this important area.  
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