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Canadian Family Advisory Network

In conjunction with the CAPHC Annual Conference, CFAN organizes an annual CFAN workshop the Sunday before the CAPHC conference in October.  Our next meeting will be in 2017, in Montreal, Quebec!  For more about our conferences and activities, please visit our CFAN blog


2016  CFAN Workshop

Sunday, October 22, 2016

We were very happy to be in Halifax for our 2016 Workshop, and we extend our thanks to our incredible hosts from IWK.   To learn more about what we did and  shared and learned and thought during our CFAN day, please read some of these amazing posts written by attendees, and visit some of the sites and resources mentioned during our talks.
It's All About Relationships, by Karen Copeland
It Doesn't Have To Hurt - Proven Pain Control for Children
Reflections on CFAN (by CFAN's own Sue Robins)


2015 CFAN Workshop

Sunday, October 18, 2015

We were proud to offer our  annual workshop in collaboration with CAPHC, on October 18, 2015, in Quebec City.  We thank our gracious hosts, our speakers and participants who made our day so valuable and so memorable. For more details on the day's activities and continued discussion on these important topics, please read the following posts: 

New Roles for Families in Research to Improve Child and Youth Health, by Frank Gavin

It Depends, by Sue Robins

A Halloween How-to for the NICU, by Kate Robson

2014 CFAN Workshop

Sunday, October 18, 2014

We had a wonderful time in Calgary, Alberta, and we send thanks to our gracious hosts from the Alberta Children's Hospital. We discussed the importance of humour in health care, with the help of the extraordinary Cheryl Ann Oberg, a therapeutic clown and dynamic speaker. We also explored the topic of parents in paid roles, and had a highly collaborative conversation about digital storytelling and practice change. Our afternoon was spent in partnership with delegates from the Canadian Network for Child and Youth Rehabilitation, discussing a major Canadian research project about parenting children with impairments or disabilities.  Thanks to all who came! 

2013 CFAN Workshop

Sunday October 20, 2013

In 2013, CFAN welcomed delegates to Toronto for our annual workshop.  We explored the interlinking themes of invitation, inspiration and innovation. We examined how inviting families as partners into health care environments transforms those environments for the better,  took inspiration from stories of successful engagement within the Canadian sphere, and  heard from parents and families about innovations resulting from their involvement and advocacy. Our speakers were parents, clinicians, advocates, researchers, and hospital leaders; despite their different roles they share a common goal of improving experiences and outcomes for all children and families.  Attendees came away with a clear understanding of how to advance family centred care within their own environments, and connected with other practice leaders from across the country. 

2012 CFAN Workshop

Sunday October 28, 2012

This year's CFAN workshop took place in the Westin Bayshore in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia. This day-long session featured best practice presentations and practical dialogue to help advance patient and family centred care in a variety of settings. Exceptional networking opportunities were, as always, a highlight of the workshop and helped tremendously in making professional connections with family advisory peers across Canada. We thank Susan Greig, Lisa Hawthornthwaite and Frank Gavin for their exceptional work in bringing it all together.  Workshop materials have been posted in the CFAN members area of the Knowledge Exchange Network. Email for info on how to access them. 

2011 Annual Workshop: CFAN'S 10th Anniversary

October 15-17, 2011 in Ottawa

Patient and Family Centred Care: Where Have We Been? What Have We Accomplished? Where are we Going?

» View 2011 Workshop Agenda
» View Workshop Evaluation
» Keynote Presentation: Karen Wayman


2010 Annual Workshop

October 16-17, 2010 in Winnipeg

Branding and Blogs: The power of using media tools in family centred care

» View 2010 Worshop Agenda
» View 2010 Worshop Summary
» View 2010 Workshop Evaluations


2009 Annual Workshop

Sunday October 18, 2009

Sharing Family Stories: Speaking up to make a difference in health care

» View 2009 Workshop Agenda
» View 2009 Workshop Summary
» View 2009 Workshop Evaluations

2008 Annual Workshop

» View 2008 Workshop Summary
» Edmonton Down Sydrome Visiting Parents Program Presentation - Mike Waddingham
» Consult the Experts - Creation of a Dynamic Youth Advisory Council at the IWK Health Centre Presentation - Robin England
» Trends....Challenges.....Opportunities Presentation - Juliette Schlucter

2007 Annual Workshop

» View 2007 Workshop Summary
» Presentation Summary:  Parents using stories to advocate

2006 Annual Workshop

October 14, 2006

» View 2006 Workshop Summary

Unlocking Success– Recruitment and Retention of the Multi-Generational Family Advisory Committee (Presentation by Susan Greig, Canadian Family Advisory Network Conference) » View Presentation

2005 Annual Workshop

The Canadian Family Advisory Network (CFAN) held its largest and most successful workshop on Sunday, October 16th in St. John’s Newfoundland. Representatives from nine hospital-linked advisory bodies, from a community hospital that doesn’t yet have an advisory body, from two community-based support groups in Newfoundland, and a handful of staff members from different hospitals—twenty-four people in all— participated in the workshop, which ended up spilling over into Tuesday’s lunch during the CAPHC conference for the conclusion of the CFAN business meeting. What follows is a summary of the proceedings with several attachments providing more details, contact information for the participants, and the participants’ evaluations of the workshop.

» View 2005 Workshop Summary

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