About CAPHC's National Programs

We are committed to establishing programs and activities that address current and emerging child and youth healthcare priorities.

 Primary-school aged girl at the doctor's with her mum

Related Activities:

  • Development of national child and youth healthcare standards
  • Advancement of paediatric empirical decision support and national benchmarking
  • Identification and promotion of promising and best practices in multiple areas of child and youth healthcare
  • Facilitation of the following, but not limited to, programs ans activities - patient safety and quality improvement; continuity and coordination of care for families of children with complex care needs; pandemic planning and emergency preparedness; childhood obesity and healthy active living; mental health; and Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder
  • Publication and dissemination of Paediatric MedRec Guidelines and Best Practices Resource documents
  • Launch of web-based tools; examples include, but are not limited to, the CAPHC Paediatric Trigger Tool (CPTT) and national screening tool kit for children and youth identified and potentially affected by FASD

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