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Click here if you would like to make a Donation to CAPHC

Click here if you would like to make a Donation to CAPHC

We greatly appreciate each donation made to CAPHC. We ensure you that your financial support will be used to continue our work in advocating for the improvement of healthcare delivery for Canadian children and youth.

Donate to CAPHC and Support the Improvement of Healthcare for Canadian Children & Youth

Ways to Give

The mission of the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres is to support our member and partner organizations through education, research and quality improvement initiatives to improve health service delivery for Canadian children and youth. In the end this benefits the paediatric population across Canada who deserve easy access to healthcare. Your financial support contributes to the goals of the CAPHC community and benefits thousands of children and youth all across Canada.

CAPHC greatly appreciates the support of the CHEO Foundation in managing donations made to our organization. If you would like to support the Canadian Association for Paediatric Health Centres please place your donation through the Children's Hospital Foundation of Eastern Ontario. There are two different funds you can choose in order to donate to CAPHC.

CAPHC Bilodeau Fund

Alexandre and Frédéric Bilodeau

Alexandre and Frédéric Bilodeau

Alexandre Bilodeau, Olympic Gold Medallist, and his family have been working in partnership with the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres to support the Rehab & Child Development Program since 2010. The Bilodeau family is familiar with the rehabilitation system due to Frédéric Bilodeau's condition of Cerebral Palsy and therefore have a great interest in the improvement of rehabilitation service delivery for children and youth with similar diagnoses.

"My brother Frédéric is my hero!" Alexandre said when first making a donation to CAPHC in 2010. "Growing up beside him has allowed me to develop into the athlete and the person that I am today. I owe him so much as I have been able to experience my Olympic dream. I want to do my part and it is my hope that this initial contribution will spur others to contribute to advancing research efforts into pediatric cerebral palsy."

CAPHC is very proud and honoured to have their support in order to improve healthcare delivery for children with disabilities and developmental disorders. If you would like to support CAPHC's initiatives in that area please choose the CAPHC Bilodeau Fund.








APHC is committed to give its member organizations and every one who is interested in paediatric healthcare free access to information and a platform to share knowledge. We have done this be creating the Knowledge Exchange Network, a free community website for everyone looking to find and offer information about healthcare and health services for children and youth. CAPHC hosts free webinars with topics related to patient safety, childhood disabilities and many more. In order to be able to offer these services for free we greatly appreciate financial support. If you would like to contribute to CAPHC's Knowledge Translation initiatives please select the CAPHC KT Fund.

How to place your donation

In order to donate to CAPHC you have to donate through the Children's Hospital Foundatio of Eastern Ontario. Please click here in order to get redirected to the HEO Foundation. 

Step 1: Donor Information (please fill in the required information about yourself/your organization)

Step 2: Donation Information (please make sure to select either the CAPHC Bilodeau Fund or the CAPHC KT Fund from the dropdown list under "I am making my gift in response to"  on the top of the page)

Step 3: Payment Informatio (please enter the requested information on how you wish to complete your donation)

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