Falls Prevention Strategies - Do paediatric facilities really need them?


Often we think that the Accreditation Canada’s ROP on falls prevention applies more to long term care, but what is the occurrence of children’s falls within health facilities? 

What age group is the most at risk and how is that risk assessed?   
When are falls most likely to happen? 
What strategies are in place at your centre to prevent falls and how are the strategies evaluated? 

Join us on November 25th 11:00 – 12:00 EST as we welcome Nida DeChamp, Occurrence Systems Coordinator, Quality and Patient Safety at the IWK to the CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative. 

Tracy Wrong, CAPHC Patient Safety Collaborative co-chair, will set the stage and share a bit of CHEO’s experience with this ROP and Nida will describe how her organization developed a falls prevention program. 

Falls may lead to client injury, increased length of stay, and possibly legal action.  Reducing falls can improve the experience of clients and reduce the associated costs. 

Following the presentation we would like to have a round table discussion.  Please join us and share your experience and strategy. 


  • Tracy Wrong
  • Nida DeChamp

Click here for more information and to view the recording.

Falls Prevention Strategies - Do paediatric facilities really need them?