The Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres - CAPHC is a non-profit organization that brings together many healthcare organizations across the country representing multidisciplinary health professionals providing health services for children, youth and their families within quaternary and tertiary health centres, community health centres, rehabilitation centres, and home care provider agencies nationwide. CAPHC is committed to promoting, facilitating, and advocating for national health delivery guidelines supported by evidence. All Canadian children’s hospitals and their respective Foundations are members of CAPHC, thereby providing linkages to clinical care, education and research. CAPHC's mandate is to affect system-wide change in the delivery of health services to children and youth across Canada. CAPHC focuses on initiatives that have national and broad relevance and which are practical and actionable at the point of service delivery. 

CAPHC's Vision Statement

"Knowledge to action: Enabling the best healthcare for Canada's children and youth."

Our vision underlines the importance of CAPHC’s current and future commitment to improving healthcare and to advancing healthcare equity for all of Canada’s children and youth.

CAPHC's Mission Statement

The mission of the Canadian Association of Paediatric Health Centres is to support member and partner organizations through education, research, and quality improvement initiatives to improve health service delivery for Canadian children and youth. 

We do this by:

  • Advocating for the unique character and importance of the health of children
    and youth;
  • Identifying and responding to emerging issues and trends that impact our communities;
  • Building a community of practice to share research, knowledge and expertise;
  • Building strategic partnerships and facilitating collaboration;
  • Leveraging opportunities to advance health service delivery priorities through
    education, research and improved healthcare; and
  • Promoting best practices in quality improvement and patient safety.

Strategic Priorities 2014 - 2019

CAPHC's strategic priorities reflect our commitment to being a national voice for child and youth healthcare in Canada. The next five years will continue to build upon CAPHC’s core programs which are focused on enabling a stronger 
healthcare system to effectively address the needs of Canada’s children and youth. Click here to see how CAPHC is enabling the best healthcare for Canada's children and youth.


The Canadian Association of Paediatric Hospitals (CAPH) was co-founded in 1968 by the leaders of the Children’s Hospitals in Canada. Over the subsequent three decades, many child and youth healthcare organizations across Canada underwent fundamental operational and structural changes creating a new landscape of healthcare delivery for children, youth and families.

To better respond to these emerging healthcare challenges, CAPHC was established and incorporated in 2001 through a transformative process of organizational renewal of the Canadian Association of Paediatric Hospitals.

Since 2001, CAPHC has diversified its membership, partnerships and programs, to reflect its focus on health service delivery across the continuum of care. In the eight years post transformation (from CAPH), CAPHC has experienced significant growth, has achieved success in the implementation of a number of national programs, and has acted to coalesce the child and youth health service delivery community in Canada.

Today, CAPHC is proud to support forty-eight member organizations that include tertiary, quaternary, community and regional hospitals, rehabilitation centres and home care provider agencies across Canada. All children’s hospitals in Canada and their respective Children’s Hospital Foundations are members of CAPHC, providing strong linkages to clinical care, education and research.

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