2010 CFAN Workshop Summary

A big THANK YOU to the team that made the annual CFAN workshop in Winnipeg on October 17, 2010 a success.  We would like to formally thank the workshop speakers:  Jonathan Blumberg, Susan Greig and Louise Kinross for their preparation and skill in presenting.  Also thanks to Karen Netzel who provided our 'Welcome to Winnipeg'.

CFAN members and volunteers who made the day happen were: 

  • Sue Robins – Chair
  • Lisa Hawthornthwaite and London Health Sciences – printing, moral and practical support as the CFAN Vice-Chair
  • Ruth Hartanto from Ottawa - great insight as a Director on the Workshop Committee, along with Frank Gavin, Lisa Hawthornthwaite and Sue Robins
  • Robin England from IWK - Evaluation Forms
  • Susan Shallcross - Sunday night dinner
  • Lisa Rosati-White from Montreal - Sign in sheet
  • Greeters:  Angie Christman, Cathy Laycock, Heather Mattson McCrady and Frank Gavin.  Angie is also our runner in case we run into troubles

A special thank you to CAPHC who provided us the room, AV and catering, and donated the space in the presidential suite Saturday night

Saturday October 16th, 2010

Meet and Greet CFAN Members (Optional)

Sue Robins and Lisa Hawthornthwaite invited members to come together in the Presidential Suite for a Saturday evening wine and cheese, meet and greet.  Approximately 15 people from across the country came together to meet and hear about opportunities in the National Arena.   Frank Gavin reviewed the various activities available through CAPHC /CFAN where a family voice is needed.

Sunday October 17th, 2010

Greeting From Winnipeg – Karen Netzel

Karen welcomed all of us to Winnipeg and really set the stage for the day, sharing her personal story and tonnes of inspiration for family centred care in paediatrics and what a difference it can make! 

Roundtable Introductions

A diverse group of 40 staff and parents from across Canada introduced themselves.   

Local Group Updates

Forty Family Advisory Council staff and members were in attendance this year.  Of special note, we welcomed a larger representation from Montreal and Toronto than the previous years. 

Annual General Meeting

» CFAN Annual Report - October 2010

Sydney’s Spot
Celebrating Sasha and sharing stories of family engagement at SickKids Hospital, 2006-2010

Jonathon is the father of precious Sasha Bella who was born June 6 2004 with Alagille Syndrome and pulmonary atresia and died June 20 2006, six months after experiencing severe and unexpected GI complications following a second heart surgery.   

Since 2006 Jonathan has blogged about family centred care at and fundraised for initiatives with Sasha’s health care teams that connect patient and family centred care, interprofessional practise and education, peer support programs, patient safety and palliative care and that try to leverage new and old technologies to support a bold new world of collaborative medicine.

Johnathon presented to us about three related topics: a celebration of his daughter Sasha that linked her highs and lows to the hospital priorities for her family fund; initiatives we have undertaken and how they have done; and new technologies starting with this blog that assist family advisory in an age of potential mass collaboration. As families need a secure, accessible platform to manage their child's health care, he also advocated a need for a platform to work with staff and other families on family centered initiatives. 

All a twitter – Using branding, blogging and social media to connect with families and staff

Susan Greig, from BC Children’s Hospital presented new research that suggests that 83% of the entire online population aged thirteen to fifty-four use the internet to engage and connect through social media.  Through you-tube demonstration we learned how the social web provides an opportunity for hospital family advisory groups to use internet technology and interactive membership communities to communicate better with both families who use hospital services and staff members.  Susan’s presentation gave a  brief overview of how various social media forms such as blogs, Facebook, and Twitter function, what branding is and why it’s important and how Family Advisory Groups use these to help with recruitment, retention and providing family centred care information.  Examples of hospitals and advisory groups that are using these forms of interaction successfully will be highlighted, along with some of the challenges that are faced due to confidentiality concerns and hospital policies.

Blog Talk

Louise Kinross is communications manager at Holland Bloorview Kids Rehabilitation Hospital, where she manages media relations and produces BLOOM, a magazine and blog on parenting children with disabilities. The audience had an inside look at her magazine and Blog called BLOOM.  Since its inception in 2009, the BLOOM blog has had over 28,000 hits from more than 60 countries. Louise attributes part of the blog’s success to the fact that as Editor, she is a parent of a child with disabilities herself.   

Break out Sessions

The afternoon was facilitated by Louise Kinross, Johanthan Blumberg and Susan Greig.  Participants broke out in groups and rotated through three networking stations and had open discussion to share their ideas and options about the three key questions below.

  1. What are the challenges with senior leaders/communication department to using new media/social networking and how do we find solutions?
  2. How can we use personal and hospital blogs to affect change in the health care environment?
  3. How does your Council use communication tools to engage and educate families?

Communications take away for your Council

Members had the opportunity to share handouts and resources among the group.

CFAN Workshop Evaluations

Next year, we hope to incorporate more technology and have remote members join us again by speakerphone, or even better, teleconference.  But overall, 90% of attendees indicated that the CFAN Workshop was 'very worthwhile'.  The summarized evaluations from our 2010 workshop can be found » here

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